Restaurant Le Boulou

The restaurant of the Relais des Chartreuses

Our restaurant gets a makeover! Indeed, we have recently reoriented our menu in order to best satisfy our customers. We serve fresh and seasonal products, selecting the best available products on the market. Our proposal varies according to the different arrivals.

As an illustration, here are some examples of our menu.

Please note that the restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Important: from October 1st, the restaurant opens its doors only upon prior reservation no later than the day before, by phone or email.

Example of menu

  • Plate of Pata Negra 16€
  • Iberian charcuterie board to share 28€
  • Foie Gras 15€
  • Plate of Boqueronnes and anchovies of Collioure roasted peppers 11€
  • Salmon Tataki 10€
  • Perfect Egg Celery Cream 9€
  • Lean roasted virgin sauce, eggplant, Parmesan 21€
  • Pluma, old carrots turnips confits, gratin dauphinois 21€
  • Cheese plate of la Mancha large reserve 9€
  • Pavlova rolled with apricots and rosemary 10€
  • Success caramel salted butter chocolate 10€